Sustainability Policy

To be the most sustainable, environmentally-responsible and modern contemporary hotel in Surrey.

Brooklands will apply the following principles to the work we do to enhance the experience of our guests and colleagues to ensure we operate with positive benefits to promote long-term sustainability.

We work diligently to minimise the environmental impact our hotel has on the planet and also focus our efforts on social and economic development to provide a greater comprehensive impact on our operations and to be truly sustainable.


  • Responsible business: Conduct business in a manner that is honest, transparent, environmentally responsive and ethical.
  • Sustainable growth: Grow our operations in a sustainable manner that considers the location of our hotel so that our local area can benefit for years to come.
  • Integrity: Embed integrity into our decisions so they align with our strategic goals and benefit our people, our local area and the environment.
  • Innovation: Use dynamic thinking and innovative technology to enhance the luxury experience, while adapting and responding to the changing market and global environmental issues.
  • Resource efficiency: Reduce the negative impact of our operations through recycling, waste management and energy efficiency.
  • Equality and respect: Conduct business using practices that meet global standards of ethical conduct, which support equality and mutual respect.
  • Focus on our people: Provide our people with opportunities to succeed and grow.


Sustainability considerations are an important aspect of decision-making. Our commitment is to embrace initiatives that have a positive environmental benefit. Brooklands recognises the impact our business can have on the environment therefore we actively promote responsible practices throughout the hotel to preserve our natural resources.

We are on a journey to achieve rigorous environmental and sustainable practices across our business. The first step on this journey was to work with Greengage Solutions who independently identified and documented our current sustainable processes and measures. The awarding of Gold ECOSmart status reflects the extensive measures we take to fully embrace environmental sustainability. ECOSmart is the accreditation programme of Greengage Solutions, which recognises and supports eco-friendly hotels that meet certified standards of sustainability.